Floyd Mayweather’s $40,870,000 Paycheck




Ever get a paycheck at work and you had some serious overtime on it and the check was just a piece of art? Ever had $25,000 taken out of your check for anti-doping testing or $605,000 for boxing tickets?

That piece of art above is all Floyd Mayweather’s after Saturday’s fight against “Canelo” Saul Alvarez. The $41.5 million was guaranteed. That figured pushed Mayweather’s career earnings to $350 million over 45 fights. He stands to make even more than his guaranteed money because he’ll also get a cut of the pay-per-view.

By comparison, Forbes reports that Floyd’s first title fight in 1998 paid him $150,000.

How high can the paydays go to? It’s believed that Floyd could make around $250 million during his current six-fight deal with Showtime.

In other words, he’ll have plenty of money to gamble on NBA games this season.


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