Prince Fielder Eats Nachos After Chasing Foul Ball [VIDEO]

During this afternoon’s Tigers-Mariners game, Detroit first baseman Prince Fielder chased a foul ball near the stands at Comerica Park. Though he didn’t get to the ball, Fielder did help himself to a fan’s nachos, as you can see in the GIF at the bottom of the post.

Funny? Yes, but nowhere near as cool as the Sept. 16, 1992 game in New York, when Yankees’ first baseman Don Mattingly took a young fan’s popcorn.

Mattingly gave chase on a foul ball hit by Tim Raines of the White Sox. As the crowd followed the flight of the ball into the seats down the first base line, Donnie Baseball reached into the popcorn of a red-haired little kid in the first row.

MSG broadcasters Al Trautwig and Tony Kubek were discussing the progress of young Yanks’ starter Sterling Hitchcock, but cameras caught Mattingly’s actions on replay, even though few other people in the stadium did. Mattingly merits hall of fame consideration for this play alone, never mind his .307 career batting average and nine Gold Gloves.

Fielder is fun to watch, too. We’d love to see him and Miggy Cabrera in a competitive eating contest against Mike Napoli and David Ortiz of the Red Sox. It would be better than the All-Star Home Run Derby.


[H/T to 25TOmC1 for the heads up on Fielder]