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Adam Morrison Spotted At Spokane Bar Looking Decent

For some reason the name Adam Morrison popped into my head this afternoon. Nope, wasn’t burning any weed. Just thought he’s been a hero to so many over the last 10 years or so and it would be good to see what he’s up to in retirement.

We have @Marissa_Morr, above, running into the Gonzaga legend last week at a Spokane bar. The big news here is the hair. Seems clean, but the chick factor is at a 10. Flowing.

Don’t be surprised if you start seeing multiple photos of Morrison, 29, at Spokane bars. He’ll be joining Mark Few’s staff as a “student assistant.” He only made $16,920,989 during his NBA career so maybe he needs some bar spending cash.

Never forget: Morrison has two NBA rings.

Earlier this summer:

Picture 2

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