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Fans Toss Crab On Ice During Caps-Bruins Game In Baltimore [VIDEO]

Baltimore has the Ravens, the Orioles and crabs — that’s it. With no hockey team in the city since the Skipjacks, Clippers and Bandits minor league teams all faded away, fans in Charm City aren’t used to NHL-level play, so they do things like throw a crab on the ice after a goal.

Whatever. Just be glad they didn’t open fire.

As the Vine above shows, a fan tossed a steamed crab on the ice after Washington Capitals’ center Casey Wellman scored a goal against the Bruins during Tuesday’s Baltimore Hockey Classic exhibition game at Baltimore Arena.

It was an obvious aping of the Red Wings’ playoff tradition of throwing an octopus on the ice, which didn’t sit well with some hockey fans:

Chill — it’s Baltimore, gentlemen (NSFW). Wonder if it had Old Bay on it?


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