Chloe Call Is Bengals RB Giovani Bernard’s Girlfriend [PHOTOS]



If you were able to get past the Cincinnati Bengals use of Katy Perry’s “Roar” as entrance music on Monday night, you might have seen rookie running back Giovani Bernard’s breakout evening.

As Bernard hinted on Twitter, he had a great night including a seven-yard rushing TD late in the first quarter, a 27-yard TD reception from Andy Dalton in the third quarter to break a 10-10 tie and probably the company of his hot girlfriend, Chloe Call, after the game.

Call has become a favorite of Bengals’ fans since she appeared on an episode of “Hard Knocks.” Bernard was actually using Call’s mom’s minivan as his wheels in training camp. He took heat for it, too.

Pictures of Call and Bernard together go back to September of 2012, when Bernard was at North Carolina. It’s kind of cool to see a romance that was in place before Bernard broke on to the national scene. Call seems a lot more girl-next-door than jersey chaser.

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