UCLA Superfan Lauralee McIntyre Playing Ping Pong



Remember UCLA boobs at the College World Series, Lauralee McIntyre? Of course you do. It’s impossible to forget the rack that rose to fame while she cheered on her boyfriend Eric Filia, a Bruins outfielder.

Eric went on to play summer ball; Lauralee (@xoLauralee) did summer shit and now they’re back together and shooting cleavy ping pong videos. Looks like her form is pretty solid. Perfect distractions. Might have some issues actually swinging racket. Backhand seems to be weak.

As for her Twitter account, she’s been pretty active lately with such gems as:

Miss Missouri look missourible #nottomentionhungry #missamerica

It’s rare that any guy keep my attention for 7 seconds, let alone 7 months.

Oh, and Lauralee is now posting her giant rack cleav shots on Instagram. You’re welcome.

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