Scott Hartnell Gets Owned, Carded At Toronto Hockey Arena [VIDEO]


A ballbreaker Air Canada Centre security agent gave no f*cks about Philadelphia left winger Scott Harnell and his William Wallace ponytail when the Flyers’ split squad played at Toronto on Monday night. She needed to see some ID, right NOW.

As the inactive Hartnell entered the Centre to see his team play against the Leafs, a security agent at the gates would not allow him to enter the arena until she saw some ID proving he was a Flyer (because the TV camera following Hartnell — and capturing the video above — might have been part of an elaborate ruse).

The agent made Hartnell go through the motions to the point at which he asked her: “Why you gotta embarrass me like this on camera?” Ouch.

And we thought Hartnell had a way with women. Not in Toronto.

Hartnell and the Flyers’ split squad got the last laugh; they beat the Leafs, 3-2.

[H/T: SportsNet]

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