How Many Daiquiris Did This Notre Dame Woman Have Before Purdue?


BC reader & Purdue fan Mel (@Emmie_Elle) sent us this video earlier today with a very specific message for Notre Dame dancing lady.

It’s really not that bad of a video, but she reminded me of Elaine Benes.  I think she freaked out the kid across the aisle and the girl sitting in front of me.

The video is probably more entertaining for me due to my hatred for Notre Dame. Plus the woman wasn’t drunk, and it’s almost guaranteed she didn’t attend there. :)

Wait, she wasn’t drunk? You mean she went double finger point and hadn’t been pounding strawberry daiquiris before Saturday’s game? Loved how she went in for a fingernail bite as the song came to an end. Pins and needles.

Sidenote: It’s great that Purdue still gets 18-22 year olds fired up for a big out-of-conference game with Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.”

As for the Elaine Benes reference, that might’ve gone right over the heads of our younger readers. That would be Elaine from Seinfeld; she made the finger point dance very, very famous.

Do you have video or a photo from a football game that we need to see? Send it.

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