How Many Beers: Holly Sonders


She’s in the news today thanks to her first pitch last night at the Rays game, so I thought now would be a great time for “How many beers: Holly Sonders.”

The obvious answer is zero. I’ll get 100 of you saying zero or she’d have to drink a case to sleep with me. But there are some variables to take into consideration for some of you. Like the fact that she’s still engaged to tool Erik Kuselias. I checked his Twitter account. He’s still RTing the shit out of tweets with her name.

I’m not sure how you feel about going second after EK.

Then there is the intimidation factor. She’s obviously a visual sex machine: the legs, the abs, the arms, the butt, the tan. Add it all up and you might need a couple beers.

How many do I need: two Natty Lights, a Red Bull & it’s game time.