Actress Lisa Varga Will Make You A Patrick Kane Fan


Never heard of actress Lisa Varga? Same here. Then she showed up on Twitter the other day wearing a Patrick Kane jersey and no pants. BOOM – got my attention.

After a little research, it seems that Lisa (‏@TheLisaVarga) is trying to break into the sports world via hosting gigs on a show called The Sports Lounge. Her previous work included small roles on Homeland and Marley & Me. There was also some work back in the day on America’s Most Wanted.

And then she gained more attention than all those jobs combined via two photos. BC finds her photos, publishes this post, post goes on Twitter, readers click to see Lisa, Puck Daddy hears about Lisa, some TV channel in Canada sees Lisa and offers her a hockey sideline job.

The best way to get the internet’s attention? Heels and a Kane jersey. Works every time.