The Tebow 3:16 Fan Rally In Jacksonville Was Massive


So that rally by Jacksonville Jaguars fans at 3:16 today was well attended. It looks like around four guys showed up to ask the Jags to sign Tebow. ESPN actually gave these guys huge play and they still couldn’t rally more than this crowd.


“The Jaguars’ season is really in the tank,” James Stewart, a 56-year-old Jacksonville native and Jaguars fan who is one of the event’s organizers, told “They don’t have a lot of promise. There’s not a lot to watch. We’re consumers and the Jaguars are a product, and there’s a lot of room for improvement. Tebow we think would be value added if he were to be signed and given an opportunity at quarterback. …

“It’s the perfect time in our view to do a Tebow experiment. Whether you like him or not, I think everyone would watch. It would be compelling.”

Stewart said that Monday’s rally would likely be the first of many. He said he expects to have a rally every Monday afternoon.

Maybe next week they’ll have 12 guys in the parking lot. You know how these grassroots things go. Takes time. By Christmas they’ll have 316 morons at their rally.

Picture 2


That little kid come straight from school?

Picture 3


And there was one baby at the rally.

Picture 4

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