NHLer Simon Gagne Selling Quebec Mansion For $3.95 Million (Canadian)



Excuse me if I have anything wrong about the massive house NHLer Simon Gagne is selling in Quebec because the listing is in French and I’m using Google Translate. Gagne, currently an unrestricted free agent after playing last season in Philly, made news last week by expressing how pissed off he was with the Flyers for acting like they were going to sign him for this season and then didn’t.

Anyway, he’s selling his house.

It’s huge. 10,000 sq. ft. huge. There are 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and it’s on Lac-Beauport; Quebec City is 21 km.

Normally we’d just pass on such a place because you guys aren’t moving to Quebec City, but this offers you a chance to see what your money gets in America’s hat.

Highlights of Simon’s Stunner:

• You’ll freeze your balls off in that lake

• He has a sweet wall pisser in the one bathroom

• Has central air that you’ll more than likely never use

270 km from Montreal strip clubs

231 miles from Chipotle

Asking: $3,950,000 (Canadian)

Mortgage: More than your ass can afford, especially since the dollar is weak against the Canadian dollar

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