I’m Pretty Sure These Dirt Track Flag Men Thought They Were Going To Die [UPDATED]


Big Diamond Speedway is a 3/8-mile dirt track located in the middle of nowhere, but closest to Minersville, Pa. It’s a die-hard racing fan’s paradise, meaning the crowd sitting in the first turn gets pelted with clay kicked up by cars during early races (and fans can get hand-cut french fries and homemade bean soup for cheap prices at the concession stand).

The fans also get to see drivers who live to race, like Kevin Beach Jr.

Beach got tangled up with race leader Shawn Light during the sportsman-modified feature event on Sunday night. The resulting crash sent Beach sailing into the catch fence right next to the flag stand……and into a blind rage at Light afterward.

Watch at 0:35 of the video above when Beach emerges from his wrecked car and sprints toward Light with bad intentions. This was no false-hype; the man was pissed.

Track officials opted not to continue the race because the fence could not be repaired for days. We assume no charges were filed on Beach; [UPDATE] Light apparently took the checkered flag despite the crash “was disqualified for his involvement,” per a track employee.

[H/T: GSP Racing and Stu Braxton]

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