LSU Gets Insensitive With Kent State Sign, Gamecocks Girls & Bama Fan Went Too Hard

What did we learn on Saturday about college football? Nobody will beat Alabama. Give them their third BCS crystal ball in a row and anoint Nick Saban as the greatest college football coach in the history of the sport.

Meanwhile, in Texas, Mack Brown is on his way out. A home loss to Ole Miss has to be the last straw. You cannot lose to BYU and Ole Miss in back-to-back weeks and keep your job. Retirement time has come for 62-year-old Mack.

Oregon still has to play Stanford and UCLA. Of course everyone is on all fours because the Ducks beat the shit out of Tennessee. The weather will soon change in Eugene and they’re going to get into a close game.

• I’m not sure whether it was the heat or just that it was one of those weeks, but Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson had a rough week screwing up names. Gary did drop two references to “busted coverage” so that was a nice rebound.

• If you need to take a vacation this fall, let me recommend next weekend. The biggest game of the weekend is Michigan State at Notre Dame. I warned you.

Amazing Moveable Johnny Manziel Sign Won ESPN’s College GameDay [VINE]
Amazing Moveable Johnny Manziel Sign Won ESPN’s College GameDay [VINE]
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