Suction Cup Man, ‘Pays To Be An Athlete’ In Alabama & Aggie Tailgaters Camp Out

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Did anyone stay sober enough to watch all of that rainy Jets-Patriots game in Foxborough? We haven’t seen that many dropped balls since the Vikings “love boat” cruise.

Sometimes a football game is so terrible that all you want to do is drink its memory away. We assume Rex Ryan does this every week. Perhaps it was fitting that New England’s only TD was on a busted coverage.

How about Suction Cup Man (above) at the White Sox game? This is what happens when your team is not in a pennant race.

Elsewhere, A fox broke loose on to the field during the Texas Tech-TCU game. Total guerrilla marketing move by FS 1. Tech went right on building the Kliff Kingsbury legend with a 20-10 win.

BC tipster @afischer05 captured ESPN’s explaining Kliffy’s popularity with men — and women.

@ClayTravisBGID @Deadspin @bustedcoverage Rece Davis understand Kliff Kingsbury

— Adam Fischer (@afischer05) September 12, 2013