Is Texas A&M / FOX Sideline Reporter Kayce Smith The Next Erin Andrews? [PHOTOS]


Kayce Smith

Kayce Smith is a talented, football-savvy media specialist for Texas A&M site TexAgs. She is moving on up to a sideline near you, though.

Smith made her sideline reporting debut for Fox Sports last Saturday during the Aggies’ 65-28 stomping of Sam Houston State. Obviously, Smith had A&M football knowledge that many reporters wouldn’t have had. She’s also attractive.

It’s gotten to the point where every sports broadcasting operation, regardless of size, has its own sideline reporter these days and, yes, they are usually hot women. While Smith falls into this category, she also has a handle on the multimedia side of the business and does her job well.

Of course, Smith seems to be firmly in the tank for A&M, but it’s not like Erin Andrews hid her love for the Florida Gators as she rose to stardom on the sidelines at ESPN.

Will Smith follow in Andrews’ footsteps? Hard to say. The sideline reporter market is loaded with young women willing to cannibalize each other for a shot at stardom. It wouldn’t surprise us if Smith has a longer career than Johnny Manziel though.

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