Hero: Redskins Fan Eats His Own Beard After MNF Loss [VIDEO]


Pro tips: don’t bet on the Redskins until RG3 shows he’s fully recovered, and NEVER offer to eat part of your own body as part of a bet. Ever.

L.A.-based comedian — and Redskins’ fan — Jason Pickar bet that he’d eat part of his own beard if the Redskins’ lost to the Eagles on Monday night. You know what happened.

As you can see above, Pickar made good on his bet, even if it was just a little bit of his beard. Hell, you probably get more hair than that in a supermarket salad bar salad. Thank god for ranch dressing, eh?

For dudes who are into more natural ladies, this whole scenario is probably not that unusual (#hirsute). For football-centric bros, though, most of ’em would probably yack.

[H/T: DC Sports Bog]

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