High School Football Recruit’s Family Being Buried By Recruiting Letters


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California’s Nifae Lealao isn’t exactly a five-star defensive end who is a must-get for a college coach looking to make a splash in the high-stakes game of high school recruiting. ESPN has him at 299th on its Top 300 rankings.

We’re not talking the next Dwight Freeney.

So why is this kid and his family being buried by recruiting letters? Is this really what high school recruiting has come to? Do we, as a society, want our high school football players to lose their kitchen table to recruiting letters from Washington, Alabama, LSU, BYU, Temple, etc.?

Nifae’s family can’t even sit down for a nice dinner because, as you can see, there are piles of letters making it impossible.

His sister(@Jordaaynaa) tweeted this photo:

“College Football letters have takin over the dinner table! #D1Bound


Letters are the least of the worries for most recruits. As CBS reported earlier this year, some recruits also get ridiculous text messages.

Here’s how the nation’s No. 1 recruit describes the current climate regulating calls and texting: “All night, every night,” Loganville (Ga.) Grayson High’s Robert Nkemdiche said. “Sometimes 12:30 at night when you’re trying to sleep I got my phone vibrating. People are always texting me.”

Meanwhile, the Nifae family needs a giant garbage can for the piles of letters that won’t stop invading their table. It’s college football recruiting porn.


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