Giants Grandma Makes A Helluva Foul Ball Snag [VIDEO]


Taking your glove to a baseball game is unacceptable after age 12…but how about after age 65? All good, especially when you can pick it like Giants Nana (above).

Nana reached out and snared a foul ball off the bat of the Rockies’ Todd Helton during San Francisco’s 9-8 loss to Colorado Tuesday night at AT&T Park. She showed more range than Pablo Sandoval has demonstrated all season. If she could rake, she’d probably find herself in the 3B mix for 2014.

No truth to the rumor that Nana and Helton went to school together at Tennessee.

(PS – Nice celebration and all, Nana, but act like you’ve been there before. Even if you don’t remember it.)

[MLB Gameday]

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