Texas A&M Sent Recruit Keisean South 11 Cute Personalized Envelopes

I hope California defensive end Keisean Lucier-South appreciates fine art on his college football recruiting envelopes because Texas A&M is coming in strong on this 2015 recruit with 11 envelopes featuring fine art.

Look at that photo. What letters stick out to you? The ones that had a mailing address slapped on the front or the ones that had been personalized by art students working for the university?

And here you didn’t think college football could be that big of a money machine.

These schools will hire out any position they need to in order to land a recruit like Lucier-South, a 6-4, 200 pounder who runs a 4.95 40.

And that’s just the beginning of the lust for Keisean’s services.

Texas needs to upgrade its envelopes.

Picture 1

More recruiting porn: (that’s Boise St. middle, bottom)


34 lovely hand-addressed envelopes from Arizona. Labor intensive.


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