NFL Pick ‘Em: Week One With Texans Fan Shannon Richards



You know what we could give a shit less about in the NFL? Blowhard experts from every media outlet picking NFL games. It’s one of the biggest wastes of time in sports media. If you really care about the picks from some CBS idiot, get your shit together in life.

So we went out and got real experts to pick NFL gamesĀ  – hot chicks.

This week we asked old friend Shannon Richards, a Texans & Cowboys fan, to pick five games. Shannon (@ShannonBabygirl) always likes to remind fans that her hair, boobs and lips are real.

We just told her to pick winners; no spread.

Shannon’s picks:

Bengals at Bears = Bengals

Giants at Cowboys = Cowboys

Falcons at Saints = Saints

Packers at 49ers = Packers

Texans at Chargers = Texans

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