Nevada Fan Kicks The Shit Out Of Nevada Fan…During Game

If you know anything about football games at Nevada-Reno, you know that ass kickings are a regular occurence, especially when UNLV is in town. But something strange happened last night at the UNR game. As you can see, Nevada fan kicked the shit out of Nevada fan.

According to the uploader:

Guy picks a fight with the wrong person at the UNR Football game vs UC davis

either the guy was on beer 30 or just wanted to piss of a lot of people till one guy had enough and ended it. this was at the season opener at UNR vs UC Davis.

Notice the crap fans had thrown into the end zone.

Kudos to the Nevada fans screaming “Kick his ass,” to Nevada fan kicking Nevada fan’s ass. As for the game, the Wolfpack beat UC Davis 36-7. That’s an all-around quality night for a Nevada fan.