Seattle Sports Anchor Adds “Quit Being A Bitch” To Jim Harbaugh Piece


KING 5 sports anchor Paul Silvi had a classic message for Jim Harbaugh on last night’s Northwest Sports Tonight. I’m pretty sure Silvi did this on cable TV so it’s all good and KING 5 should be all good with the FCC.

That’s Aziz Ansari’s “Quit being a bitch” bit.

What’s this all about? @Edwerderespn is all over this:

Jim Harbaugh seeking clarification from league about when defense can consider QB runner and hit Kaepernick. Packers have talked about it..

Harbaugh: “You’re hearing some intimidating type of talk….the same thing we were hearing a couple of years ago..”

Harbaugh: “You hope that their intent isn’t going to be anything that’s not within the rules.”

Of course fans reacted as you’d expect.

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