Double-A Catcher Gets Severely Trucked In Home Plate Collision


As a former catcher, I really feel bad for Double-A Harrisburg catcher Brian Jeroloman for what just happened to him on Wednesday night when Erie’s Brandon Douglas.

Jeroloman’s position is perfect; he’s not exactly blocking the plate. The only plate coverage he has is with his foot. He knows a guy could cave his knee. A good slide could get a safe call.

But, as you can see, Douglas has to be an asshole and barrel the catcher. Yeah, I know all about it being a baseball play. Jeroloman is making a baseball play, too, yet has to worry about having his head crushed by a linebacker who is coming full speed at an inanimate object.

That’s fair, right?

Jeroloman is 28 and not going to The Show. He’s never been there. He’s just a guy trying to earn a dollar playing a sport the right way. Congrats to Douglas for being the asshole who tried to send him into retirement.

Douglas (@BrandonDouglas5) has yet to say anything on Twitter about the incident. He did RT this:

Picture 2

No need to slide, just bulldoze a guy like you’re a strong safety.

Picture 3

Does this look familiar? Buster Posey getting trucked:

Picture 4


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