Rick’s Cabaret NYC Stripper Gets Her Wish: Geno Smith To Start



It’s been one helluva 14 or so days for Rex Ryan, but today just got a little better for the foot fetish fiend. Valentina, a Rick’s NYC stripper pleaded with Rex last week to start Geno Smith Sunday against the Buccaneers.

Rex, knowing that he can’t lose the confidence of the NYC stripper community, succumbed to pressure on Wednesday and announced Geno will be his starter.  Of course this was huge news at the club on W. 33rd.

We received a dispatch early this morning from Rick’s:

“I want to thank Jet Coach Rex Ryan for taking my advice and naming Geno Smith the starting QB for this Sunday’s game,” said Rick’s Cabaret NYC Girl Valentina.

“I also want to thank ‘Busted Coverage’ who ran the story about my Open Letter to the Coach, and, well, it sure got results!

“I will be watching the game at Rick’s Cabaret–there are tons of high def TVs, great food, and so many sexy girls cheering for the team, and then stripping–haha!–it’s the perfect place to enjoy the game.

“Oh, one more thing. Geno may throw some INTs this Sunday, but don’t get upset. He’s a rookie and he will make mistakes. But I promise you he is a better choice than Mark Sanchez!”



The big question we have is whether Valentina is willing to drop some of those champagne stained stripper dollars on the Jets -3 (Bovada line). It looks like a sucker line to us, but we all know that strippers have inside intel on injuries.

Personally, give me the points and a couch dance and I’ll be good.

[Rick’s NYC]






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