Of Course Andrew Luck Was Spotted At A Mumford & Sons Show

Of Course Andrew Luck Was Spotted At Mumford & Sons Show

$100 bucks says Andrew Luck sings along to Of Monsters & Men and the Lumineers in the car. He probably has a car CD loaded with Icelandic granola folk rock. Not an iPod of music – a car CD. The guy still uses a flip phone.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with Icelandic granola folk rock or an Indy Mumford show with your girlfriend on Labor Day.  Or a flip phone.

This is just Luck being Luck; it’s actually refreshing that this guy lives what seems to be a rather normal life and doesn’t have to shove Gatorade or some other product down our throats. The Colts starting quarterback doesn’t even dress up for a date night with girlfriend Nicole Pechanec. It looks like he just got done cutting his grass.

Stay cornball, brother.






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