Is It Possible AJ McCarron’s Mom Got Hotter During Offseason?


I’m not even looking at Katherine Webb on this cover of Access magazine, some Alabama magazine that I’ve never heard of. That woman on the right, Dee Dee Bonner, is one of the hottest, if not thee hottest, cougars in college football. Let me be as honest as I possibly can be here – I’d have sex with Bonner after one beer.

That’s fewer beers than I’d need to sleep with Giada De Laurentiis.

You know Bonner’s story. Her son starts winning BCS titles, she starts appearing on blogs showing cleav and carting around AJ’s girlfriend to the BCS title game. Girlfriend gets ogled by Brent, she blows up and Bonner goes back to being a mother of four.

Then Access reveals this cover.

The rack is better than ever, the hair is modern and the body seems to have been carved by daily squats and a treadmill.

[Access Magazine – Facebook]

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