Bryiana Noelle, Playboy’s Miss September, Loves The 49ers & Giants [PHOTOS]


Bryiana Noelle’s dad is fine with you seeing his daughter naked. Just don’t get too close to his little girl.

“Guys make up most of my dad’s side of the family. They’re Filipino. I thought they’d be hounding me, but they’ve been very supportive,” Noelle, Playboy’s Miss September 2013 (@bryiana_noelle), said Wednesday from her hometown of Salinas, Calif.

“My dad said: ‘I am so proud of you. I am the proud father of a Playboy centerfold.'”

But, her father doesn’t suffer fools who think they can hit on the exotic-looking 22-year-old brunette right in front of him.

“I was in Vegas with my dad (in August). He went to get me one of those big slushy drinks to walk around with when this guy came up to me. He was drunk. It was too loud to hear what he was saying, but my dad didn’t like how he was saying it. (My dad) slapped his hand down and said ‘You better stop and walk away before it gets bad.’… I’ll always be his little girl.”

When she’s not fending off Vegas creepers, Noelle is a pageant queen and coach. She was named Miss California Teen in 2010 and Miss Teen of the Nation in 2008.

She talked to us about pageants, Colin Kaepernick vs. Buster Posey and her pet snake.

Your bio claims you were discovered in a restaurant. Why do you think you were approached in that setting – were you naked at the buffet?

“We were celebrating a friend’s move by having dinner in West Hollywood when this guy kept saying ‘You should meet my friend; he’s a photographer.’ Now, I’ve seen enough movies to know that everyone’s a photographer in L.A., but this guy’s friend’s name was Josh Ryan, which I recognized. He gave me his contact info. When I showed up at the address, it turned out to be Playboy headquarters, so it was for real, but I was skeptical at the restaurant.”

You are a pageant coach. What does that mean?

“You’d be amazed at how many girls can’t walk in heels. I teach them how to do that, and how to pose in bikinis. Everyone’s body has its best angle, so I teach girls how to pose in the most flattering way for them, so it looks like they have flawless bodies.”

You root for San Francisco/Bay Area sports teams. Which is your favorite?

“I love the Niners and the Giants. I love them both equally. My family is full of die-hard fans of the San Francisco teams.”

Pageant queen Katherine Webb benefited from dating an athlete. Is that something you’d consider?

“Athletes are really in the spotlight and under scrutiny. Their lives are really out in the open. I wouldn’t choose to date, or intentionally pursue, someone who is an athlete, but I am not opposed to it.”

Would you rather have dinner with Colin Kaepernick, Buster Posey or Stephen Curry?

“I don’t know much about Colin Kaepernick’s personal life, but I don’t think he’s married or involved, so I’d choose him. I know Buster Posey is married, so I wouldn’t ever want to be involved with a married guy.”

Being a Playmate means finding yourself around celebrities. Which guys have been hitting on you so far?

“I’ve only been Miss September for a few weeks, so I haven’t really met anyone yet. (Pro skatboarder and reality TV star) Rob Dyrdek of ‘Fantasy Factory’ and ‘Ridiculousness’ followed me on Twitter. I’m excited about that.”

You have a pet snake. What’s its name, and has anyone ever stopped dating you because of the snake?

“His name is Konnah. No one has stopped dating me because of him, but I’ve only had two boyfriends since getting him. Guys are more accepting than girls of the snake. If a guy can’t deal with a pet snake, maybe he’s not for me. I can’t do spiders though. They scare me.”

The September 2013 issue of Playboy featuring Bryiana Noelle as Playmate of the Month is on newsstands and now.

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