BC Follower Needs Floyd Mayweather Jr. Win To Hit 15-Team Parlay


BC follower Calhoun (@linkcalhoun) got the college football betting rolling over the weekend with one of the more impressive 15-team parlays you’ll ever see. As you can see, he threw down $1,000 and took the heavy favorites to roll early season cupcakes (yes, I understand SC played UNC and Bama played Va. Tech).

Yes, I get that Calhoun’s only going to win $1,988. This one a pride ticket.

The big scare in this parlay came when Nebraska squeaked out a 37-34 win over Wyoming. Of course he still needs Mayweather to avoid a fluke KO punch and he’s cashing. Floyd is 44-0 so I’m feeling pretty confident in this parlay cashing.

Calhoun says you can play as many teams as you want in your parlays so if you’re thinking of going with a  27-team parlay, pony up the cash.

Have a gambling ticket we need to see? Have a wild parlay story for us?


One of Calhoun’s big paydays: