335-Pound Dallas High School Cheerleader Is Also Nose Tackle

Armand Fernandez-Pierre 300 LB Cheerleader
A 335-pound cheerleader sounds like a nightmare, and he is — for running backs.

Armand Fernandez-Pierre of Episcopal School of Dallas (Tex.) played the first two football games for his high school at nose tackle, AND then he did the halftime routine with the cheerleading squad. This kid is being recruited by Miami and UCLA – for football.

It’s like Bo Jackson ate a bakery case and landed a role in “Bring It On.” See video here.

Fernandez-Pierre was actually on the cheerleading squad first, until the football coach recruited him. Of course, the cheerleading coach protested, then relented. Not too many scholarships out there for cheerleading.

According to the cheerleading coach:

“We fought tooth and nail to keep him just on our team and our sideline,” Eric Daboa, Episcopal School of Dallas cheer coach, said. “But we realized what a good athlete he is and understand the opportunities that he would have with football.”

Funny? Sure, but we’ll bet not too many high school bros are making fun of a 335-pound cheerleader who might rip their friggin’ arms off.

Seriously, though: someone get him some cocoa butter for those stretch marks. My man’s shoulders look like a relief map of Louisiana.

[H/T: FoxDFW]

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