Fox Carolina Sports Anchor Calls Golf Tournament “Douchebag” Championship



I’ve listened to this video at least 10 times and am 99.9% positive that Fox Carolina (Greenville, S.C.) sports anchor Aaron Cheslock called the Deutsche Bank Championship the “Douchebag Championship” during Sunday’s broadcast.

Aaron (@AaronCheslock) has only sent out one tweet since Sunday night and hasn’t addressed the douchebag incident.

According to Aaron’s Fox Carolina bio:

Awards and Recognitions: I won a 6-lb burrito eating contest while working in West Virginia. That’s better than any Emmy if you ask me (it certainly was a lot more work).

Hidden talents: I can beat Super Mario 3 in an hour or less.

This guy is about to become a cult hero to bros across the country. Cheslock wins burrito-eating contests and uses douchebag during his sports segment – total bro move.

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