Drunken Iowa Fan @Vodka_Samm Was Arrested During Warmups

By now you’ve probably heard of infamous Iowa fan @Vodka_samm from her arrest Saturday at the Hawkeyes game where she had a .341 BAC.

Deadspin has done its normal great job of keeping track of Samm’s antics and even secured a teary mugshot. What wasn’t clear is how the arrest went down.

The initial Iowa police report stated:

Goudie, Samantha Lynne, 22 of Iowa City, IA for Public Intox at Kinnick Stadium at 1321 hours. Goudie was stopped for trying to enter the field. Goudie was unsteady on her feet. Goudie blew .341 PBT.

Some took it to mean that Vodka Samm tried to rush the field during the actual game. We have tragic news: she was just staggering onto the field during warmups with barely a fan – besides students – were in the stands, according to the above photo from @Woodythebigstck.

She was way too early to the game. This has to be a vodka foul.

That sorta spoils the story. Our dream that an Iowa chick with a .341 being tackled in the end zone has been ruined.

It also seems that Samm has deleted her Twitter account. Tears.

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