Alabama High School Coach Gets Curb Stomped In Post-Game Fight [VIDEO]


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How serious is high school football in Alabama? Friday night it was serious enough for one coach to light up the face of a fellow coach. So much for a friendly game of amateur football.

Blood literally boiled over between Walker and Cullman high schools after a 13-10 game.

According to the Daily Mountain Eagle:

Punches were thrown and coaches were tackled to the ground as police tried to gain control of the situation.

Cullman defensive coordinator Matt Hopper left the field with a bloody face and a ripped shirt after allegedly being punched by a Walker coach on the field after the fight.

Following the altercation, both teams were rushed off the field and extra security was called to the school.

Look, everyone is overreacting with calls for coaches to be fired and the teams to be banned from the playoffs, etc. This is Alabama football we’re talking about. This is war. There are times when coaches are going to get curb stomped. There are going to be times cheerleaders misspell on banners.

This is the same state that has it’s own Roll Tide/War Eagle ESPN documentary. This is the same state where crazy bastards poison trees because they symbolize a rivalry.

So a high school coach got lit up. Next time he won’t put his face in the way of a fist.

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