Is There Video Of The Boobs Falling Out At The TCU-LSU Game?


BC reader Chris sent an email last night to the tip hotline:

At some point in the second half the huge “Jerry tron” was showing hot co-eds as usual and this girl’s tube top fell down showing everything. Everyone around me saw it too so I know I’m not mistaken. I doubt it was shown on TV. It would be awesome if you could find this. They cut away immediately (obviously).

It seems Chris wasn’t bullshitting.

There has to be video of this tube top incident. The bad part is that we don’t have more information like whether the hot coed was a TCU or LSU fan. Doesn’t really matter, but would make searching a little easier.

Nothing gets BC investigators energized like boobs on Jerry’s 72’x160′ video board.

Update: Musick claims, “it was at the 4th quarter 10 mins to go, right after TCU scores a TD.”

Have a video, Vine, Insty video or photo of the tube top fail? Send word.

TCU-LSU-Fan-Boobs-Screen-1 TCU-LSU-Fan-Boobs-Screen-2

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