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ESPNU Intern Thinks David Carr Is Still The Fresno QB & A Vandy Puker!

What did we learn last night in college football? Ole Miss will be a tough out for the SEC teams on the Rebels schedule. If I’m Texas fan, I’m not real excited to see Bo Wallace come to town on Sept. 14. He was 31-47 for 283. The key is that he had 18 carries for 47 yards and 2 TDs (full boxscore).

• We also learned that ESPNU interns think David Carr is still the Fresno quarterback.

• We also had our first puker of the year.

• We also learned that Clowney takes off some plays. Get ready for pundits to drive that storyline into the ground.

• We also learned that Indiana can score points – 73 on Indiana State (box score).

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