RG3’s Texting Buddy Kept It Real During His Hour-Long Gatorade Ad On ESPN



ESPN shamelessly offered up its airwaves for an hour’s worth of digital fellatio on Robert Griffin III on Tuesday night. The hour-long Gatorade commercial “RG3: The Will to Win” probably made most people really thirsty appreciate RG3’s character.

The RG3 as Superman narrative continues to be important for the NFL and, by proxy, ESPN. As the network recently showed, it is more than willing to bend (over) for Roger Goodell and Co. Last night was flat out embarrassing. (UPDATE: He’ll start Week 1 against Philly.)

The RG3 documentary did not go unnoticed by his texting pal Meredith Barber. While Barber didn’t offer any outright commentary on the film itself, she did respond to a friend’s comment about it:

RG3 continues to be a very convenient protagonist for a league (and franchise) searching for a hero for its next generation of fans. Tuesday’s special proves they’ll keep doubling down on him.

As we’ve mentioned, not everyone who knows him wants in on that bet.

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