Oregon State Cheerleaders Bring Heat, Insult Loggers In Awful Hype Video

Oregon, USC and UCLA cheerleaders just got put on notice by an Oregon State cheerleading team led by a Hipster emcee dressed as Ed Gein.

The Oregon State cheerleaders unleashed “Chainsaw” — their new hype video for the 2013 football season — on Tuesday.

In the video, the cheerleaders are dropped into footage from the Family Force 5 rap song “Chainsaw” (featuring Tedashii) with lead “singer” Soul Glow Activatur (Solomon Olds) prancercising through the woods in red and black plaid. Fierce.

The concept was designed to fire up Beavers fans and teach them how to do the “Chainsaw” dance for this coming season. If that sounds like a terrible idea, it’s only because it is.

After a few hours, YouTube commenters jumped in to remark about Soul Glow Activatur and his lack of resemblance to a “real logger,” which is a big deal in the Pacific Northwest.

Couldn’t you have made the loggers better…they look like no logger I’ve ever met….sigh, if you work in the woods, you must be stupid.

Right. This all went really well. Oregon State hosts Eastern Washington in its 2013 season opener on Saturday.
Let’s hope whomever came up with this idea doesn’t run the offense, defense or special teams.

Also, here’s a picture of Oregon State head coach Mike Reilly looking ridiculous while holding a chainsaw:

Got Chainsaw? I do! #GoBeavs #MoreChainsaw pic.twitter.com/yzpbYwMnO5

— Mike Riley (@Coach_Riley) August 27, 2013

[H/T: Facebook.com/oregonstatecheeranddance]

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