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BC Was On Keith Olbermann’s Show Last Night For The Texans Porta Potty

I was in bed when Glenn, a friend of BC, blasted me with an urgent text message after 11:30 p.m.


He really got my ass out of bed for that. I only worked like 14 hours and Glenn thinks I’m still up at 11:30 on a work night.

So I got my ass out of bed and found out that Keith was enamored by our Monday post on the Texans fan who brought his/her own Porta Potty to last weekend’s preseason game against the Saints.

The only issue we have with Olbermann here is that we never said you can “rent” these toilets for $700. The post clearly states that you can buy a similar toilet for $700 on eBay.

Even with that glitch, we’ll gladly take the bronze on “World’s Worst.” BC on the second night of Olbermann’s ESPN comeback? That is huge.

*This is all possible thanks to photographer Scott B. who always sends us great images from the craziness that is Houston.

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