Hines Ward’s Fiancee Is Lindsey Georgalas [PHOTOS]


Little did we know back in 2012, when Hines Ward tweeted out this photo of himself and a hot chick, that he’d eventually be engaged to her. Her name is Lindsey Georgalas and she has done the usual internet modeling thing, has appeared on The Dirty and used to have a Model Mayhem site that is now deleted.

We can’t seem to find a wedding registry so standby on that one.

As for how we figured out the puzzle on this relationship, it all came together via this photo of Bill Cowher and his girlfriend, Queen V., with Ward and Lindsey. Queen V. looks happy at this event.

So for those of you keeping score at home, Ward gets divorced as his NFL career was ending, finds a hot piece of ass to date, gets TV jobs, stays in shape and then gets engaged to that hot piece of ass (@Lingeorgalas).

This guy is living the life.

Have modeling photos of Ms. Georgalas that we need to see?