Best Of Jen Bielema: Pig Snout Selfie & The Bikini Photos


jen-bielema-Hog snout

Jen Bielema, the dime wife of Arkansas’ head football coach Bret Bielema declared her readiness for the college football season by posting a selfie of her wearing a red Arkansas hog snout to her Twitter on Sunday night. Jen’s pic came just minutes after her husband tweeted out a pic of her in the snout.

Note that the coach gave you more of his wife’s body in his picture. He remembers the reaction to her bikini pics.

That’s not only outstanding marketing sense by Bielema, but also a coy way to spike the football for marrying about 10-times higher than your station. Gotta pull for the Razorbacks based on that alone.

Arkansas kicks-off its 2013 season against Louisiana in Fayetteville on Saturday. The Bielema’s are obviously very ready; we are too. These past few weekends have felt like a low water mark for sports.

[H/T: CollegeSpun]

Photos:; @jenbielema @BretBielema

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