I’m Pretty Sure The ESPN Intern Meant Parity & Bikini Jenga At Marlins Game

Kudos to the intern who spelled parity like it sounded during last night’s Portland-Seattle MLS tilt. The Sounders (Seattle) won 1-0 and all is right in the world for soccer dorks.

Here we go. The week when college football returns. Fall weather. Pigskin. Big uglies. Johnny Football. McCarron playing for his third ring as a Bama QB.

It’s supposed to be 90 with humidity in the Midwest. Football weather! Meanwhile, out at USC, they can’t figure out which quarterback should start the season. At A&M, Johnny Manziel signed 500 cards at a “Meet the Aggies” event. Of course you’ll see 300 of those on eBay by Tuesday.

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