For The Ladies: Steve Weatherford’s Abs



Sports bloggers were choking on their remotes today when a photo dropped showing Giants punter Steve Weatherford and his ripped abs. Nevermind that Steve has had those abs for awhile and has been recognized in Men’s Fitness for those abs.

Weatherford explained the abs to the magazine before Super Bowl XLVI:

“It’s a combination of being blessed with good genetics and being disciplined,” Weatherford says. “A lot of guys might wake up one morning with a sore back and take the day off . I never do.”

His workouts to get those abs will make most of you cringe and crave a beer and chips.

Weatherford trains five days per week, taking Wednesdays and Sundays as either active rest or off days.

Here you go, ladies. Don’t say I didn’t post anything for you this week.