Florida High School Coach Drills His QB In The Head On ESPN



BC reader Bob McB sent an email this morning with a link to the Miami Herald and a story on how a Florida high school coach slapped the shit out of his quarterback’s helmet.

Here we go:

Broward County school officials are looking into an incident Sunday where an angry high school football coach was captured on national television smacking his star quarterback on the side of the head.

The incident occurred during second quarter action of an afternoon game between Weston’s Cypress Bay High and American Heritage, which was televised on ESPN’s High School Football Kickoff.

“I should’ve done it a different way,” Guandolo said. “I hugged him after and just tried to find ways to get him to compete and he did. He really finished strong and I was proud of him.”

Guandolo said he felt upset and disappointed about the incident, and spoke to Tellefsen and his father, Eric, afterwards. Both thought “nothing” of the situation and were “not at all” mad or upset, he said.

No big deal.

Can we stop being a society of pussies? Would that be too much to ask? The coach needed to get his QB’s attention. This isn’t high school football, it’s minor league BCS football. Nut up, boys.

Case closed.

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