Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Beats Hulk Hogan In Arm Wrestling


Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto absolutely destroyed Hulk Hogan in an arm wrestling contest in Canada on Friday morning. No way this is staged, right? Maybe not: Mayor Ford had six pounds on the Hulkster: 308 to 302.

Ford, who really should be nicknamed “The Rock,” took just 22 seconds to beat Hogan, who was in town to do a Q&A at Fan Expo Canada on Friday evening. The embattled mayor then celebrated to “Eye of the Tiger” because of course he did.

Jokes aside, this is not a good look for Hogan. He’s gone from the most popular pro wrestler in the world to taking a DJ’s sloppy seconds to arm wrestling Canada’s version of Marion Barry. This isn’t going to end well. You may want to enjoy these pics of Hulkster while we still have him.

[H/T: @HulkHogan]

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