Johnny Manziel Crushing A&M Laundry Cart Jousting Contest

Johnny Manziel has stayed pretty quiet since the whole Uncle Nateautograph thing broke. Don’t worry, Johnny Football is still finding time to have fun leading up to Texas A&M’s opener against Rice at Kyle Field next Saturday (Aug. 31). Watch the Vine above for proof.

Manziel served as one of the pushers for some laundry cart jousting inside the Aggies locker room on Thursday. Yes, it’s all in good fun, but this is the type of bullshit that makes sportswriters vote for Aaron Murray over Manziel on the pre-season All-SEC team.

If you remember, Murray led his team through the sorority rush at Georgia on scooters a few weeks back. Sorority rush > half-naked dudes in a locker room. That’s upperclassman decision-making.

At least Johnny Football was smart enough not to jump in one of those carts. Those jousters were taking some solid shots. They’ll probably be filing a lawsuit against the university about 25 years from now.

[H/T BC reader @louisgeneux]