Ex-KC Chiefs Cheerleader Rachel Wray Back In MMA Cage On Saturday



We know Rachel Wray would kick our ass; she would probably crush you, too. A former Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader-turned-amateur MMA fighter, Wray is getting back into the octagon this weekend in Arkansas.

Though her career change was first scrutinized by doubters, Wray has not let her detractors win. Fighting her first bout since a blood-fest, unanimous decision-loss in March, Wray (2-1) will face Bobby Bedard (3-2) at Kingdom Promotions 6 this Saturday in Little Rock. You can buy the internet PPV for $14.99 here.

A profile on Wray on SI.com today explains that she all but shrugged off her lone loss:

“After this fight, I couldn’t wait to get back in there. I feel so much more confident now. Once you go through three rounds of back-and-forth — taking and delivering punches, the blood, people yelling — you can pretty much do anything after that.”

Wray said she intends to fight “eight or nine times” before turning pro, but if she shows that she has fighting skill, how can’t one of the promotions come knocking?

While Wray would rather be celebrated on merit, there aren’t many women who look like she does in athletics today. If she can stick around, she’ll have a chance to be a star.

Let’s just hope she doesn’t get her cute face lit up like that last fight.


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