Was U. Of Texas Feeding Manziel Intel To ESPN? FOI Records Requested


It’s possible we haven’t heard the last of the Johnny Manziel autograph signing saga. ESPN has gone rather quiet on the story as the college football season nears, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t still digging into any possible angle.

And that includes an angle with the University of Texas. Would UT have been feeding information to ESPN reporters regarding Manziel? Someone wants to know.

Here is the Freedom of Information request filed August 16 with the University of Texas Office of the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer:

Requesting copies of any emails, memos, letters or other documents evidencing communication between (a) any employee of the Athletics Department at the University of Texas at Austin, including any agent or representative of the Athletics Department, and (b) any employee or reporter of ESPN, including any agent, assistant or representative of any ESPN reporter or employee, regarding Johnny Manziel.

Maybe there’s nothing to this. Texas wouldn’t get it’s hands dirty dropping news into Darren Rovell’s lap, would it?

The good news is that you – the public – can file a request for this information. Just fill out the form.

Picture 3

I’m not behind the original request, but I’ll gladly file to get these documents for our loyal readers. I’ll let you know if BC gets a response.

Form emailed to UT: