Marshall Henderson Pounding Coors With Bikini Chick In Texas

Ole Miss seems to have succeeded with stopping Marshall Henderson’s use of coke and pot, but you’re not going to keep this gunner away from his trusty Coors Light and bikini chicks.

There is our hero at Grapevine Lake (North Texas) this past weekend doing what Native Flash does best.

Sporting News reported this week that Ole Miss is happy with Native’s reaction to the suspension he’s serving.

“He has a better understanding of how people view him, are going to challenge him,” Kennedy said.. “Off the court, he now he has a basis of information to go by. On the court, he has a better understanding of how people are going to play him.

“I definitely think he’ll be a better player as well as able to handle all the other things.”

Now, Henderson is having to handle his life off the court with greater care.

More Coors Light and no coke. Seems like an easy plan to follow.

[via Fitty_Cent]

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