Emo Bill Cowher Wears Eye Liner In His Girlfriend’s Music Video


Legendary former Steelers’ coach Bill Cowher is obviously whipped. Currently dating heretofore anonymous rock singer Queen V, Cowher appears in a new video for her song “Cry Your Eyes Out.” You can go ahead and watch the clip above.

As you can see, Cowher wears eye liner and some sort of frock in the video for the Queen V song. While the coach looks like the father of a member of Deadsy, the song sounds a bit like something Scandal or Quarterflash would have done, which is to say it might be a hit if it were 1981 or 1982.

This is not a good look for “The Chin.” Chuck Noll would not do this. Mike Tomlin would not do this. Hell, something like this could straight-up freak out Dan Rooney. The man is 81; he doesn’t need to see this sort of pissing away of an iron-jawed legacy.

You have to assume that Queen V knows her way around the playbook in order to get Cowher to submit to this level of public scrutiny. If current CBS analyst Cowher eventually does come back to the NFL to coach the Giants — or god forbid the Browns — it might look like a small mark on his career compared to this video.

[H/T: Pittsburgh Magazine via Deadspin]

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