Johnny Manziel Goes Middle Finger On RB Trey Williams’ Video

Johnny Manziel Middle Finger

God, it’s great to see Johnny Football back to his old ways. Just a couple days after he was hanging with some tatted bros and allegedly hanging at the infamous College Station hookah bar, he goes middle finger on Trey Williams’ Instagram video.

Williams tweeted:

Rice git ready cuz you know we #Diiiinnnneee

Not sure what that means.

Of course many of you will absolutely crush me for posting this. Example emails and tweets that I’ll get will include:

“Leave him alone.”

“F**k off.”

“Be honest you guys would blow JFF.”

“Let Johnny be Johnny.”

“You guys need to get the f**k off Johnny’s jock.”

“F**king losers sitting around all day trying to destroy Johnny.”

Actually, it was an A&M fan that sent it to us. See, we really, really like Johnny because he’s a pageview generator. A&M fans can’t get enough. 18-22 year olds can’t get enough. Radio guys can’t get enough. ESPN can’t get enough.

We don’t hate Johnny.

Johnny is great for business and I’ll hate to see him go to the NFL and ride a bench.